01 March 2008

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Some portions of this site use JavaScript and StyleSheet. If JavaScript and CSS is not enabled in the setting uf the browser you are using, some pages may not function or be displayed improperly. We recommend enabling JavaScript and CSS in your browser settings.

Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

Unless otherwise stipulated, the use of the Site and the interpretation and application of the Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court in Tokyo, Japan shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance for any disputes arising out of or relating to the use of the Site.


Copyright for this Site belongs to morning+studios™ and information providers. The unauthorized copying or inclusion of content, such as articles or pictures, on other Sites is prohibited by the Japanese copyright laws and the Berne Convention.
If users have any inquiries or requests regarding to this site contents, please contact us via mail.

Privacy Policy

morning+studios™ is deeply aware that protecting the privacy of personal information is important to our clients. We firmly remind all employees to exercise due care when handling or managing any personal information, to abide by the Japanese laws, regulations and guidelines applicable to the protection of relevant personal information and to act in accordance with the provisions.

Collecting Users Information

xcience_IMAGES may collect and store information and data of the Users with which an individual may be identified, when the users contacting us via mail. Possible collected/stored personal information and data include name, address, name of company or school, e-mail address, telephone number.
In respect of the collection of personal information, this Site collects such information within appropriate limits where the collection, usage purpose, provision of the applicable personal information are scheduled and the purpose and scope of latter information provision etcetera have been made clear prior to the collection of such information.

Disclosure of personal information

Excluding instances where disclosure is required by law, we do not use User's personal information for purposes other than the stated purpose and we do not disclose or provide such information to third parties. However, where in accordance with the law disclosure is requested, in instances where there is immediate danger to an individual's life or physical self or there is a pressing reason to do so, we may disclosure Users' personal information without their consent.

Internet Security

morning+studios™ takes rational security measures to prevent loss, leakage, misuse, falsification, and demolition of the collected information/data from the Users with which an individual can be identified. However, please be aware that it is impossible to guarantee the absolute protection of the information/data despite our utmost security measures.

Access Log

morning+studios™ stores the access log and record of the Users including their IP addresses. An individual cannot be identified by an IP address. The uses of recorded access log through the Website only for statistical and analytical purposes for finding access trends and number of access or for troubleshooting when a problem arises in our server.

Request regarding links

Parties wishing to link to this site should contact morning+studios™ and only include a link after this has been agreed to. Please understand that depending on the proposed link method and destination there may be instances where agreement is not forthcoming.

Accessible Contact Point

If users have any inquiries or requests regarding to this site privacy policy, please contact us via mail.