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about us

Vision :

Our goal is to establish the most effective communication tool for all who needs the latest scientific information via advanced 3DCG visualization.

Specialized in medical & scientific visualization :

The 3DCG visualization is very effective information media for all levels of viewers especially where the highly intellectual understanding is demanded.
3DCG, the key for specialized visual tool in biomedical communication, is requiring the cutting edge CG skills and a vast scientific knowledge, so only a few CG productions are able to provide these services professionally.
By concentrating our works on medical and scientific fields, we are able to create unique images which are also scientifically accurate. This makes us possible to provide our clients with satisfing results and cost-effective solutions.

Team up with pros for efficient project management :

For each project, we team up with suited designers and programmers to come up with the best solution plan for efficient production and budget management.
We continue researching and studying the fundamental to the latest scientific topics through many different organizations we have contacts. As well, with many contacts gained by being an Autodesk™ certified CG (Maya™) instructor, we do expose ourselves in the newest technologies on Computer Graphics through digital artists and CG engineers from all over the world. We do all for the better communication with our professional clients.